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We decided that we wanted our blog to be different from the rest and thought long and hard about how we were going to achieve this hefty goal of ours.  

Every week we will be posting on the many different aspects of what is happening in the current real estate markets nationwide, both in sales and investing, but it’s not just about facts and figures, we decided we wanted to include everyone in our amazing journey.  

We will also be discussing the impact of migration within the United States because of changing climate (fires, flooding, drought), water shortages, longer winters, longer summers. industrial impact, and the economic impact it has on communities.

The Importance of Giving Back

Here at OfferoHomes, we feel it is so important to give back and have made it an integral part of our commitment to our communities.   

We saw the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic devastate so many people’s lives, including losing their livelihood, and subsequently, their homes.  

Homelessness and hunger are two of our main drivers in bringing people together, we hope in some small way to do our part in helping people piece back their lives. We will be sharing our team efforts as we volunteer in the many worthwhile projects we have planned. Check out our Facebook page and this blog to see photos and videos of us doing our part, as we get out there to help make a difference.  

What’s currently going on

As we enter into the 2nd Quarter of 2021, markets are already reporting record, continual, surges and spiking in pricing, still generating bidding wars around the nation with no end in sight at the time of writing.

As new construction starts up again, and the price of materials and labor becoming progressively more expensive, this too is culminating in increased costs across the board for home buyers.   This looks favorable in mitigating the current supply and demand issues, but it is important to consider when contemplating the purchase of a new home vs. an older home and weighing up the pros and cons of both sides of the coin.

As early as the 3rd quarter of this year, we could see a surge in foreclosures as people become increasingly unable to pay the higher mortgage costs associated with those who refinanced or bought at a higher rate. Many are finding it increasingly more difficult to keep their homes due to affordability and pressure placed upon them because of the impact of the pandemic.

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